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Article: 3 craft ideas you can replicate at home with Loose Leaf Binder Rings

3 craft ideas you can replicate at home with Loose Leaf Binder Rings

3 craft ideas you can replicate at home with Loose Leaf Binder Rings

1. Fabric swatch cards. ( Also applicable for colors, textures etc.)

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Things you will need:

  • Chart paper sheets, preferably a single colour. 
  • Your fabric samples. Extra pieces of material that’s not needed. 
  • Glue, school glue and nothing too strong or corrosive
  • Loose leaf binder rings.

Step 1 - Take your chart sheets and measure out a rectangle or square. We suggest keeping your measurement to a size within 7cms. Anything bigger would make your swatch book very chunky and hard to deal with. It would also require bigger loose leaf binder rings.

Step 2 - Cut your chart sheets. Make sure they are all the same length and edges (if you decide to round them). On the top of each chart cutout punch a clean hole right in the middle. Make sure to get the hole right for every chart paper cutout.

Step 3 - Cut your fabric samples so as to fit it within your chart paper cut outs. Eg: if your chart paper rectangle is 7cm length and 5cm width, your fabrics would be cut to 5cm length and 3 cm width. 

Step 4 - Stick your fabrics samples to your chart paper, 1 fabric per sheet and let it dry. Make sure not to cover up the punched holes with your fabrics. 


Step 5 - Collect all your chart cutouts and bunch them up all facing one side (front or back). Use a loose leaf binder ring and thread it through the holes in each chart sheet cutout. When done close your loose leaf binder ring and you will officially have fabric swatch cards. 

Step 6 - Open the loose leaf binder ring to re organise fabric cards or to add more. You can also use a bigger loose leaf binder ring when the number of cards increases. 

Using a fabric swatch booklet is a neat and organized way to show clients various material samples. It also helps you go through what you own or show a vendor what exact material you’re looking for. The loose leaf binder ring makes it convenient to customize your books. 

Using the same method, one can also make a texture swatch booklet or a color sample booklet

2. Easy Cocktail Cookbook gift ideas. 


Know a friend that’s usually the host with the most? Well if you do then cocktails over the weekend is something you must look forward to often. Here’s an easy DIY to help you make a useful gift for your next cocktail party.

Things you will need:

Step 1 - Take your chart sheets and measure out a rectangle. A length of 15-20cm and a width of 10cm should be ideal. Measure multiple sheets to fill in with recipes. 

Step 2 - Once all your sheets are measured out, cut them and make sure they are all of the same size. Arrange them together and proceed to make holes in them using a punch. Make the holes to the same side of each chart sheet. Make a minimum of 2 holes and a maximum of 4 holes. 

Step 3 - Proceed to write down your recipes with your pens/markers/sketch pens. Add as much color or stickers to beautify each recipe page. 

Step 4 - Thread 2 - 4 loose leaf binder rings through the holes on each sheet and clip your recipe sheets together. On doing so you will have completed your cocktail cookbook. The loose leaf binder rings makes it easy to change out recipes or add new ones to your cocktail cookbook. 

3. Using Loose leaf binder rings as an organizer at home. 

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  • For hair ties - A loose leaf binder ring can be used as a unit that keeps all your hair ties together. With a mechanism that helps you open and close it when needed, it’s perfect to keep them together rather than in a general drawer. 
  • To hang up curtains - Loose leaf binder rings make it easy to hang up curtains, be it shower curtains or curtains in your room. The mechanism of loose leaf binder rings makes it easy to attach and detach them when they need cleaning or replacement. 
  • As a key chain - Have a pendant, toy or ornament you got from a gift shop? Use a loose leaf binder ring to turn it into a keychain. Thread the loose leaf binder ring through the hole on your key and the pendant you want attached to it, don't forget to clamp it close. 
  • Make rough use books - Take loose sheets of paper lying at home or extra sheets of paper from an almost complete notebook and arrange them according to length and get them punched to make holes to one side of them. Use multiple loose leaf binder rings to clamp your sheets together and create a scrapbook at home. 

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