SMART Price Marker Labeler Gun, 1 Line, 8 Characters, 1 x 1/2 Inch Labels, Red

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The easy-to-load one-line SMART pricing gun is made in Italy and features top notch build quality and modern design. The ergonomic and well balanced design allows for it to be used comfortably during continuous and repetitive use. It is a very dependable and reliable tool for small businesses to count on for everyday use and is fully backed by a 3 year warranty. The modern ergonomic design is built and designed in Italy optimizes comfort, which is essential for long hours of changing prices, loading rolls and labeling products. • Hand held label pricing marker • Prints up to 8 characters on a single line • Made of black and red heavy-duty industrial ABS plastic construction outside and polycarbonate internal mechanics • Easy drop-in loading saves you time • Includes 5 rolls of labels - 750 stickers per roll - sticker size is 1 inch (26mm) x 1/2 inch (12mm) This durable pricing gun is made to last and is sure to get the job done quickly. 

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