Secure Pen With Chain And Office Pen Holder Adhesive, Reception Counter Pen With 26" Ball Pen Chain - 4 Pens Refillable

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  • SECURE YOUR PEN WITH CHAIN ATTACHED AND AN ADHESIVE PEN HOLDER: Your pen stays right where it is whenever you need it. Make your workday run smoother, just reach out your hand and grab the pen quickly, no more having to look for it.
  • A black rubberized grip and ridges. Ball-chain extends to 26-inch for maximum desk coverage.
  • The pen comes with high quality nontoxic black ink, which dries quickly.
  • 4 PENS WITH CHAIN ATTACHED PER PACK: Pen comes with 3 additional backups. Whenever it runs out of ink, simply snap a refill on to the chain.
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