How To Read A Safety Data Sheet (SDS/MSDS) Poster, 24 x 33 Inch, UV Coated Paper

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Condition: Brand new
Material: UV Coated Paper
Color: Red, Yellow, Black
Shape: Rectangle
Dimensions: 24 x 33 Inches
Type: SDS Poster
Suitability: Outside and/or Inside Use
Quantity: 1 Piece of Poster


✔ Informs your employees and educates them while
providing your employees with a sample SDS
✔ The poster is inclusive of the information on the Hazard Communication Standard Expectations.
✔ Provides an explanation of each item within the SDS.
✔ Safety yellow and colorful graphics make this easy to see and find.
✔ Increase being compliant in the workplace and will show how to better read chemical labels.

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