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RocKey Safe, Hide A Key in Plain Sight in a Real Looking Rock/Stone


RocKey Safe, Hide A Key in Plain Sight in a Real Looking Rock/Stone

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Why Choose the RocKey Safe Hidden Key Rock for Spare Key Holder

Keeps your spare key secure outside. The RocKey Safe has a hollow interior that fits most standard house keys. Once placed inside and closed, the key is completely concealed. Unlike placing a key under a mat or planter, the RocKey won't arouse suspicion or be easily found by intruders.

Realistic natural rock design: This key holder is cleverly disguised to look exactly like a real rock. Made of durable polyresin, it has a rugged, textured exterior that mimics a natural stone. Sitting in your garden, it will go completely unnoticed.

Weatherproof and durable: The heavy-duty construction stands up to all kinds of weather. Rain, snow, sun, and wind won't cause any damage. It also won't chip, fade or crack like real rock.

Holds keys and small items: The interior compartment measures 2.3" x 1" wide, perfect for stashing a house key inside. You can also use it to hold and hide other small valuables outside like spare car keys, garage remote controls, or a rolled-up wallet/cash.

Easy to access: Retrieving your hidden key is simple. Just pick up or roll over the rock, twist open the bottom, take out the key, and replace it when finished. The twisting base keeps the contents secured inside.

Compact size: Measuring just 3.4” long x 2” wide x 1.25” high, the RocKey Safe has a small footprint that takes up little space in your yard or garden. You can position it against the house, on a porch step, along a walkway, or nestled into a planting bed.

Overview of Key Features

  • Durable polyresin construction
  • Realistic natural rock design
  • Weatherproof - rain, snow, sun proof
  • Holds most standard house keys
  • Also fits small valuables like spare car keys
  • Twist-open base for easy access
  • Compact size fits anywhere outside

Advantages of a Hidden Key Rock Over the Other Spare Key Holders

A fake rock with a concealed compartment inside is a safer and smarter place to stash a spare key than other common options. 

Here's how it compares:

  1. Over a fake rock without a key compartment: The RocKey Safe has an interior chamber to keep the key out of sight. Fake rocks without a storage space leave the key exposed.
  2. Over a real rock: A real rock can crack, leak or be moved around. The polyresin RocKey Safe looks real but is more durable.
  3. Over under the mat: A visible key is easy to spot and steal. The hidden compartment keeps the spare key secure.
  4. Over a lockbox: Obvious lockboxes attract thieves. Disguised as a rock, the RocKey avoids unwanted attention.
  5. Over buried in the yard: Digging up a buried key leaves holes in the lawn. The RocKey sits above ground for quick, easy access.

Ideal Uses for the RocKey Safe

The RocKey Safe hidden key rock is versatile enough to use in a number of helpful ways:

  • Emergency spare key - Keep a copy of your house key inside to grab if you ever get locked out or lose your main set of keys.
  • Temporary access for others - Allow access to friends/family, dog walkers, house sitters, contractors, delivery workers.
  • Hidden outdoor storage - Stash spare car keys, gate/shed keys, remote garage controls or other small valuables.
  • Real estate listings - Provide secure one-time entry to buyers and agents during showings when you can't be present.
  • Vacation homes - Give temporary access to guests staying at your rental property or second home.
  • Shared office spaces - Allow after-hours entry for co-workers without sharing your main office key.
  • Airbnb rentals - Safely provide entry for guests without handing out your own home key.

Where to Place the RocKey Safe Spare Key Holder Outside Your Home?

The RocKey Safe hidden key rock is small enough to tuck away almost anywhere outside your house. Here are some possible spots to position it:

  • Alongside a porch, patio or deck
  • At the base of steps leading up to a door
  • Nestled in a garden bed or flower pot
  • On a walkway leading to the entry
  • Against exterior walls or fencing
  • Near outdoor utility meters or electrical boxes
  • Beside external water spigots or gas valves
  • Under eaves or overhangs
  • Hidden within landscape rocks or boulders

Wherever you place it, avoid obvious spots like directly underneath the welcome mat. The goal is to blend the key rock in seamlessly. Lean it up against other objects, half bury it in mulch or dirt, or stack with other rocks. This disguises it while still keeping the key compartment accessible.

Helpful Tips for Using the RocKey Safe Spare Key Holder

Follow these tips to get the most security and convenience out of your hidden key rock:

  • Choose a discreet but easy to reach location to place it near a door.
  • Make sure it sits flat and stable so it doesn't wobble or tip over.
  • For maximum concealment, keep it close to walls, steps, or larger landscaping rocks.
  • To deter theft, avoid openly handling the rock when accessing the key.
  • Put the spare key on a separate ring apart from your main keys.
  • Check periodically that the key inside still operates all your locks.
  • For severe weather, bring the rock indoors to prevent damage.
  • If traveling, give the temporary user simple instructions for finding and opening it.
  • Only inform trusted individuals about the location of the hidden spare key.

Shop RocKey Safe Hidden Key Rocks form Ring Binder Deport and Avoid cheap knock-offs which may not have the same weatherproof, durable construction.

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