Nest Thermostat Wall Plate, 6 Inch Copper Cover Plate, Fits Generation 1 and 2 Nests

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  • ELEGANT AND TIME SAVING SOLUTION – Forget About the Hassles of Patching and Painting Your Wall with this Beautiful Thermostat Plate Cover. Designed to Match Your 1st or 2nd Gen Nest Thermostat, It will Turn Your Thermostat into a Gorgeous Decorative Piece that will Look Good in Any Part of Your Home. Much more attractive than the plastic plate included with your Nest Thermostat.
  • FORM - Beautiful Matte Copper Nest Thermostat Cover Plate 6" in Diameter. Material: Copper Thickness: .031" Dimensions: 6" Diameter
  • FUNCTION – Easily Cover up the Holes of your Old Thermostat. Easy Installation Saves Time VS. Painting or Wall Patching
  • PRE-DRILLED – Holes Align Perfectly with Generations 1 and 2 of Nest Thermostats. No Drilling or Adding Additional Holes Required
  • TOUGH AND DURABLE – High Quality Copper Used in these Plate Covers are Designed to have Just the Right Amount of Thickness so it Doesn’t Bend or Warp Easily but Still Look Good and Flush with Your Wall
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