SDS Display Rack – Set with 3" Heavy Duty Ring Binder and Free SDS Poster

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  • SDS BINDER RACK COMPLETE KIT + FREE SDS Poster– includes everything needed to get you up and running – the brightly colored and tough as nails 3 INCH BINDER will withstand years of heavy use, YELLOW STEEL WIRE RACK, DISPLAY SIGN to increase awareness and visibility, a STEEL CHAIN to keep the binder from wandering too far away from the rack (can easily be disconnected when required), and the necessary HARDWARE to install it to your wall.
  • DURABLE BINDER – the SDS binder (MSDS binder) has a 3 Inch round ring which fits up to 600 sheets of standard 8.5 x 11 paper. Made from the strongest polypropylene available and is semi-flexible while resisting moisture, stains, and chemicals.
  • HIGHLY VISIBLE – safety yellow binder and display with bright colors make this easy to see and find.
  • BILINGUAL – promotes workplace safety awareness among English and Spanish speaking employees.
  • OSHA COMPLIANT – complies with OSHA’s 2012 requirements.
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