Durable Sheet Lifters, 11" x 3" - Fit Standard 3-Ring Binders, Black (20 Pack)

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Do you put a lot of stress in closing your binder on the outermost pages? Well, not anymore with these Sheet Lifters!

Sheet Lifters, Flat, 11" x 3", Black, 20 Pack Plastic inserts for three ring binders which keep pages from tearing when the Binder is closed.

✓  Using plastic sheet lifters ensure that your pages are moved smoothly into the middle of the ring safely.
✓ These protect your pages and allow them to be easily lifted over the rings.
✓ Without sheet lifters, pages can get trapped under the rings causing them to be wrinkled or curled.

Two ways in using this product:

1. Using Angle "D" – use 1 sheet lifter. Place the sheet lifter on top of the contents 2. Using a Round ring – use 2 sheet lifters. Place one sheet lifter on top of the contents and one below the contents.

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