Clear Plexiglass Acrylic Sheet 12x24 Inches (1/8 inch Thickness) Unbreakable and Lightweight Substitute for Glasses- 2 Pack

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Size: 12x12 (3mm, 1/8 inch thickness) 2 PACK

✔ Expansion and Contraction Respond to temperature changes by expanding or contracting at a far greater rate than glass

✔Much more flexible than glass or many other building materials. When using large sheets for windows, it is important that rabbets or channels be deep enough to provide support against high winds.

✔ Chemical Resistance Has excellent resistance to attack by many chemicals. It is affected, in varying degrees, by benzene, toluene, carbon tetrachloride, ethyl and methyl alcohol, lacquer thinners, ethers, ketones, and esters.

✔ Electrical Properties An excellent insulator. Its surface resistivity is higher than that of most plastics.

✔ Light Transmission and Optical Clarity Clear acrylic sheets have a light transmittance of 92%. Clearer than glass! Will not yellow after prolonged sun exposure.

✔ Weather Resistance Despite the heat, cold, sunlight, and humidity acrylic sheet maintains its original appearance and color.

✔ Safety Shatter-resistant, earthquake safe, and burglar-resistant. Increase safety with windows glazed with acrylic.

✔ Light Weight Even with its strength and durability, the acrylic sheet is only half the weight of glass.


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