Ceramic Magnets – 100 Round Discs (0.7” x 0.2”) for Science Projects and Crafts

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✔ Practical Size – Large Diameter 0.7" (18mm) & Small Thick 0.2" (5mm).
✔ Power Force – 2800 Gauss, Grade 5.
✔ Glue to Surface – receptive to most adhesives including hot glue, E6000, Goop, Bond 527, Liquid Nails, 2 part epoxies, and more.
✔ Durability - ceramic industrial magnets have high resistance to demagnetization, corrosion & oxidation.

Main Benefits of Ceramic Magnets:

1. You can paint, varnish & glue these heavy-duty buttons and they will not rust so ideal for outdoors & submersion in water.

2. High quality ceramic magnets that won’t lose their power.

3. Great Design. Our magnets don't scratch the magnets because they have beveled edges that protect your surfaces, make separating the magnets a snap, and discourage damage to the magnets.

4. Our circle magnets do not peel off with time.

5. Great for all; home, office, craft, science projects, and product manufacturing applications. They are the best size for bottle cap craft, and they make super refrigerator magnets as they are smooth, flat, and plain with no markings.

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