5 x 7 Inch PETG Sheet Plexiglass Panels - 0.04 inch Thick Clear Polystyrene Plastic Sheet with Protective Film - Pack of 5

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  • 🔹 HIGH-QUALITY — Each plexiglass measures 4" x 6" and 0.040” thick. It has laser-cut smooth edges and polished; no warped, no chips, no scorch marks or burn signs left on the edges. Precise and exact size and with a consistent thickness from edge to edge. Our panels are laser-cut and packaged in the USA
  • 🔹 DURABLE AND LONG-LASTING — Aside from its nice and smooth edges, these crystal clear PETG plastic sheets also have a better anti-aging performance and heat resistance, not easily deformed. There is an easy-to-peel-off protective film on both sides of the panels so it does not get scratched when shipped.
  • 🔹 VERSATILE — Our clear PETG panels are similar to acrylic in use and are as transparent as glass. It's great for crafting projects, picture frames, table numbers, Cricut cutting/engraving, table signs, calligraphy, resin painting, acrylics painting, led night lights, mount neon strips, custom made gifts, perfect for Christmas projects, warehouse or office design and more.
  • 🔹CONVENIENT AND EASY TO USE — Easy to cut/work using a laser, table saw, jigsaw drill, router, or bandsaw. It is shatter-resistant; stronger and safer than glass.
  • 🔹 SAFETY AND SAVE MORE MONEY — Perfect replacement for fragile and expensive glass! Our PETG plastic sheet can't be easily deformed/damaged. It also won't become fragments when broken, so this is a safe product that displays photos in your child's room, nursery, or anywhere in your home or office.