40 Pack Heavy Duty Figure-Eight Fasteners Desk Top Connector with Screws

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  • Made with the high quality of die-casting steel coated with zinc for rusting and corrosion resistance.
  • Securely fastens the wooden table surface to its rails. By recessing one “washer” into the top of your vertical piece, you use the other “washer” to attach to the horizontal. Typically used to connect an apron to a surface, these fasteners have myriad uses.
  • Easy to install — The figure 8 desktop fastener is an easy to install tool for securing table or desktops. Drill the hole, run a screw but not over-tight the fastener in both apron and the wooden top surface, providing a pivot point to accommodate seasonal wood movement.
  • Buy in bulk and save more! We offer these 40 flat fasteners in a pack at a very low price.