1.5" Solid Brass Numbered Valve Tags (1-25) Round Disc (Pack of 25)

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  • 🔹 NUMBERED VALVES — Stock brass valve tags are packaged in sets of 25 consecutive numbers. They are designed to provide fulfillment to your specification.
  • 🔹PRE-DRILLED HOLES — With convenient 3/16" pre-drilled holes, our brass tags hang easily from utility hooks, nails, and pegboards. These beautiful round high-quality brass tags are hand punched and hand buffed for a look that is one of a kind.
  • 🔹VERSATILE & ORGANIZE — Each solid brass number tag measures 1.5", making they are compatible with many utility hooks and nylon cable ties. Using these tags will make your sales, item identification, storage, and product classification of the show very easy.
  • 🔹DURABLE AND LONG-LASTING — solid brass is perfectly suited for both indoor and outdoor applications, as well as humid environments around plumbing and steam.
  • 🔹 SAFETY AND EASY TO USE — These sturdy brass disc tags are ideal for compliance with regulations for equipment labeling. They won’t produce a spark, making them safe to use as valve tags, key tags, pet ID tags, and more. Inscribe more information easily by metal stamping or with an etching pen and keep track of equipment.