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Article: Fitness Journal: Reach Goals with Log Book

Fitness Journal: Reach Goals with Log Book

Fitness Journal: Reach Goals with Log Book

Maintaining a constant fitness routine is hard especially without the motivation of a gym or a fitness trainer to help you reach your goals.

With indoor productivity being the new trend since the pandemic, we all have our own personal goals to reach from within our four walls and for those with a fitness goal in mind being organized, consistent and motivated is key when it comes to exercising from home. Here's 4 reasons why a fitness journal and workout log book will help you reach your fitness goals :
1. Helps set a trackable routine:
Setting a comfortable yet challenging routine will go a long way in making sure you move towards your desired goal one day at a time. A workout log book or fitness journal can help you decide the type of exercises to do, the frequency of your workouts as well as your nutrition intake. A set routine motivates you to complete it and rewards you with the feeling of accomplishment when done. 
2. Track your progress:
One of the biggest reasons for people giving up on their decisions to get fit is the lack of visible progress that is seen on a day to day basis. We expect instant rewards for our hard work and tend to give up when we don't see it. Here’s where the use of a fitness journal can help you track your progress and see your growth. With the passing of every week, you’ll find yourself recording more reps of the same exercise or holding various positions for longer durations. So when the day comes that you feel unmotivated and unchanged, your fitness journal will be there to show you that you are indeed stronger than you were last week. 
3. Helps build discipline: 
A fitness journal over time becomes less of a ‘burden to do task’ and more of a ‘I want to do task’. Your fitness journal will soon be a book that you derive pleasure from making entries as it serves as a book of your achievements. As an individual with other things on your plate it is easy to get side tracked and skip out on your workouts, keeping a fitness journal helps you hold yourself accountable to your workouts and in turn adds that little layer of guilt that we all seem to need sometimes to get us back on the right track. 
4. Acts as a reminder :
We all start our fitness journey with a goal in mind, be it weight loss, weight gain or simply just staying fit. A fitness journal helps remind us why we started and how far we have come. Most people record their emotional state of mind before, during and after they’ve completed a workout session. By doing so it acts as a reminder as to why you started this routine in the first place and why you should continue this routine today, tomorrow and the day after that.

With the plethora of fitness journals out there, it might be hard for you to zero in on what would be the most fitting for you. Lucky for you, we happened to come across The Workout Log Book Wellness and Fitness Journal by RingBinderDepot. This fitness journal unlike most journals is a kit to help you set your fitness goals and reach it too. 

The journal comes with 

  • Graphics that show you exercises that target specific muscles
  • Has a guide for measuring body fat, and optimizing your nutrition.
  • It also comes with a measuring tape and index tab stickers to help track progress. 

As  Matthew N. Berenc, C.S.C.S., director of education at the  Equinox Fitness Institute  in Los Angeles, CA says, “Maintaining a fitness journal can be one of the most impactful things you can do for your own training,” so start today!


Stay on track with your home fitness goals using RingBinderDepot's Workout Log Book Wellness and Fitness Journal. Packed with exercise guides, tracking tools, and nutrition tips, it's your key to success. Start your journey today!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Using a Fitness Journal

Q1: What is a fitness journal, and why should I use one?

A fitness journal is a tool for recording your workouts, tracking your progress, and setting goals related to your fitness journey. It helps you stay organized, motivated, and accountable, especially when exercising from home without the guidance of a gym or trainer.

Q2: How can a fitness journal help me maintain a consistent routine?

By documenting your exercises, scheduling workouts, and tracking your nutrition intake, a fitness journal helps establish a structured routine. It provides a sense of accomplishment as you complete each planned workout, reinforcing your motivation to stick to your goals.

Q3: What benefits does tracking progress in a fitness journal offer?

Tracking progress is crucial for staying motivated. A fitness journal allows you to see tangible improvements over time, such as increasing reps or holding positions for longer durations. It serves as a visual reminder of your growth and reinforces your commitment to your fitness journey.

Q4: How does using a fitness journal contribute to building discipline?

Over time, maintaining a fitness journal becomes a rewarding habit rather than a chore. It holds you accountable for your workouts and encourages consistency. The act of recording achievements fosters a sense of pride and commitment to your fitness goals.

Q5: How does a fitness journal act as a reminder and help maintain motivation?

By documenting your emotional state before, during, and after workouts, a fitness journal reminds you of your initial goals and reasons for starting your fitness journey. It reinforces your dedication and serves as a source of motivation during challenging times.

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