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Article: 5 Things To Look At Before Purchasing A Blanket Lifter

5 Things To Look At Before Purchasing A Blanket Lifter

5 Things To Look At Before Purchasing A Blanket Lifter

What are Blanket Lifters?

As the name suggests, a Blanket lifter is used to keep bedclothes or blankets lifted. Commonly used over the feet to prevent direct contact avoiding any rubbing, irritation and/or pressure against the skin.

Constant friction between the blanket and feet, is said to be one of the major contributors to developing pressure sores. Often people use blanket support lifts to protect sensitive skin from unnecessary weight and discomfort caused by heavy blankets like weighted blankets or comforters. Bed cradles and support lift bars also help those with Skin Ailments, Allergies, Injuries, Arthritis, Restless Legs, Neuropathy, Foot Cramping, Sensitive Toes, Burns and Foot Surgery Recovery.

However, before you buy your first blanket lifter, there are certain things to consider before doing so…


 The Type Of Bed/Mattress You Use:

Most blanket lifters are inserted under the mattress, so the clearance above the mattress will vary depending on the thickness of your mattress. Do check the height of the blanket lifter and subtract the thickness of your matters to get an estimate of how much clearance you will receive. Additionally, if you're considering Blanket lift blocks, which are placed on the bed, depending on your height and the length of the bed, it might be inconvenient if there is not much leg room.


Ensure The Blanket Lifter Is Adjustable:

One size does not fit all, and that’s why it’s best to get a blanket lifter that is adjustable to best suit your ailment and foot size. Standard bed cradles can not be adjusted in height, which is unfortunate because the extra clearance between the blanket and your feet could cause a draft under the sheets than can be more uncomfortable than the ailment itself. 


The Material Of The Blanket Lifter:

Maddak Blanket Lift Bar (764450000)

Steel blanket lifters and blanket bars tend to be very lightweight, but can not support multiple blankets or weighted blankets. If you’re looking for a lifter than you can use throughout the year, then opting for one that is sturdy to hold onto multiple blankets would be the best choice. Additionally, if you are someone that tends to tug on your blanket while asleep, a Blanket lifter that is placed under the mattress would be a better option than a blanket lift blocks, as the latter is not grounded and may topple over.


Installation Process

Finding a blanket lifter that is easy to install and adjust is paramount, especially for those who require it due to old age or surgery. Checking the installation process before purchasing the blanket lifter will help you determine if you would be able to make changes to it yourself, especially when it matters the most – just before you go to bed.


Check To Ensure If The Design Prevents A Draft Under The Sheets:

A standard problem with traditional bed cradles is that when they lift the blanket they inherently form an opening in the blanket around the user’s feet. This opening allows chilly air to circulate into the tented cavity lowering the user’s temperature often causing the user as much discomfort as that of the weight of the blanket, then when the user tries to block the opening with the blanket, there isn’t enough blanket left to properly cover their upper bodies. An adjustable lifter, one that is not too high, or a frame cover can be used to create an insulated tented area that’s free from drafts. With the opening area closed, the body can now keep the tended area warm and just right.


Keeping the above in mind, we found that the Blanket lifter by RBD Health is one that is not just adjustable and easy to install, but also made of good quality aluminum. It is also safe to be used with electric blankets.


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