Officewerks Adjustable and Portable Computer Laptop Stand/Desk with Mouse Pad, Ergonomic Design

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Redefine your desk space with this versatile laptop stand that gives you the flexibility to sit or stand throughout your workday. It’s a multipurpose tool that you can also use while in bed, on the couch, on the beach, or anywhere you want to place your laptop. Tray Dimensions: 16.5” x 10.5”

REDEFINE YOUR DESK SPACE – the fully adjustable legs allow you to set up your office anywhere, whether you are at your desk, laying in bed, sitting on the couch, or on the beach, it’ll make it easy to work on your computer in a comfortable position.

IMPROVED ERGONOMICS – sitting at your desk all day can be straining, this tray allows you to easily switch between standing and sitting in just seconds providing relief from strained backs, improved circulation, better posture.

PORTABLE LIGHTWEIGHT HIGH STRENGTH ALUMINUM DESIGN – can hold up to 30 lbs while weighing in at only 3.4 lbs and 1.5” thick when collapsed, you can pick it up and go anywhere while the aluminum tray draws heat away from your computer.

MOUSE PAD INCLUDED – attaches to either side of the stand so that it can be used by both those who are left-handed or right-handed.

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – If for any reason you aren’t completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return it to us for a full credit for 30 days.
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