Magnetic 4 Ring Binder Locking Mechanism for Hanging A4 Paper – 1 Inch D Shaped Rings – Pack Of 10

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  • ✅ Pack of 10
  • MAGNETIC RING BINDERS – consists of a ring binder with 2 strong 16 lb force round magnets that attach to any ferrous surface such as whiteboards, dry erase boards, cabinets, machines, and more
  • ✅FACTORIES & WAREHOUSES – keep your employees in the office and the plant up-to-date on the latest company news, goals, information, processes, 5S, and safety procedures
  • ✅SCHOOLS – attach these to your whiteboards to display schedules, calendars, assignments, etc.
  • ✅HOMES – attach these to your refrigerator to hang recipe’s, chores, photos, charts, homework, achievements, and milestones on the refrigerator
  • ✅HOLDS A4 PAPER – 4 Rings – 1-inch capacity D-shaped rings hold about 225 sheets and has 3.125 inch spacing between the rings while the open and close mechanisms make it easy to add and remove the paper
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