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Why Our Baseball Binder Is The Perfect Gift For A Card Collector

Card collecting is a hobby that requires time, effort and money to search, purchase and protect. But card collecting isn’t something that’s unheard off. From Baseball to Pokemon card collecting has a die hard fan base ready to spend 10’s of thousand of dollars on a single card. 

What brings value to these cards is the rarity of each card (no. of pieces that exist in the world) and most importantly what cognition they are in, this is where products like trading card binders come into play. It’s good to invest in a quality trading card binder, here’s why our trading card binder can meet all your needs. 

  • Hand stitched Premium Cover - Our baseball binder is hand stitched, to give you a premium look and feel of an actual baseball. We've put in a large amount of resources into design and research to bring to you this, one of a kind, baseball card collector binder.


  • Our Binders are D-Ring Binders - Not all ring binders are created equal. If you opt for an O-ring or Round-Ring binder, you’re most likely to find your cards indented with time. This is because round rings press into the bottom pages when the binder is laid flat. Many binders over the years have damaged cards in this way. Instead, you will need a D-ring binder which will prevent pages from slipping far enough over that the ring can press down into any cards contained inside.

  • 9 pockets per page - Our D-ring Baseball card binder offers a spacious assortment of 9 cards per page. Compatible with most standard sized trading cards with sleeves on. Each pocket is transparent with no designs, offering a clear view of each card without having to remove them from their individual pockets. The binder and the archival pages will protect your cards from dirt and dust so their value is never lost.

  • Sturdy Build - For all the baseball card collectors out there this trading card binder is the perfect solution to your card collection and storage problems. The front and back covers of the trading card binder is hand stitched with a material that offers the look and feel of an actual baseball. A unique touch that goes a long way with trading card collecting fans. The sturdy build of the covers also offers durability in the case of rough use of the binder. 

  • It is a Toploader trading card binder - If you’re an absolute trading card binder-committed protection freak, our toploader trading card binder is best suited to your needs. These types of trading card binders are unwieldy but provide the most protection. Toploader trading card binders are large, and you’re going to have to find storage solutions for your toploader trading card binder to accommodate their increased size.

Choosing the wrong trading card binder can lead to damaged cards, additional expenses, unruly storage difficulties, and more headaches. Our trading card binders don’t wear out quickly, and you may find that your first purchase is also your last. 

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RingBinderDepot offers a 30 day refund policy as customer satisfaction comes first. RingBinder Depot also offers a plethora of other office and stationery needs, should the need arise. Head over to our website today and stand a chance to score discounts on your first purchase. 

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