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5 Reasons Why Your Next Purchase Should Be The Office Werks Adjustable Laptop Stand.

Work from home or #WFH has been the trend for a year now, irrespective if you’ve been the boss of your own company or an intern. Work and deadlines still do exist and you’ve got to find a way to maximizing your productivity while staying under your sheets. To help you achieve this goal we suggest the adjustable laptop stand from Office Werks and here’s why


  1. Posture
    Terrible posture is synonymous with the working crowd. With the lack of the same facilities at home as in the office, working from home makes it harder to consciously maintain good posture. Here’s where the adjustable laptop stand comes into play, it is portable and is perfect to have you set up wherever you go. Setting it up as a laptop desk for your bed lets you work under the comfort of your sheets while still raising your laptop to eye level reducing your need to slouch for over long periods daily.

  2. Material
    Weighing in at 3.4 pounds this Adjustable Laptop Stand is as light as the Macbook Pro 13, made of industrial-grade aluminium this stand can bear up to 30 pounds of weight and can be picked up single-handedly and moved around when needed.

  3. Versatility
    Unlike in your office you are not restricted to one single cubicle while at home. From your roof to your desk to the floor or your bed, as long as you have a plug point and an internet connection you can work anywhere. The Adjustable Laptop Stand was built exactly for this purpose. Its ergonomic design makes it adjustable to any desired height you require. Use it as a laptop stand for a desk, expand it to turn your workspace into a standing desk or put it on your bed and use it as a laptop desk for your bed. The Laptop stand also comes with the ability to incline your laptop towards you in case you find yourself comfortable working while lying in bed.

  4. Mouse Pad
    Office Werks' Adjustable Laptop stand comes with a detachable mouse pad that can be fit to either side of the laptop stand. Whether you are left hand or right handed the mouse pad can be adjusted to the same level as your laptop.

  5. Easy return
    The Adjustable Laptop Stand by Office Werks' comes with a 30-day easy return policy when you shop on, on the rare occasion that the product doesn’t meet your standards. 

For more features and price listing of The Adjustable Laptop Stand CLICK HERE and get yours today. 

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